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CAPS® Professional

(U.S. Patents 6,510,749 and D447,968)

CAPS® Professional

Your "all-in-one" solution for screening, assessment and treatment, based on our patented, state-of-the-art CAPS® Professional force platform.

Whether you are a Primary Care Physician, Geriatrician, Neurologist, Otolaryngologist, Orthapaedic Surgeon, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Audiologist, it is the best piece of equipment you could ever own.


With the CAPS® Professional, not only you can identify new balance disorder/falls-risk patients with our patented screening process, but you can also thoroughly assess and treat them.


Clinical Applications

The CAPS® Professional's unique patented hardware design and versatile, flexible software make it possible to perform a number of different tests - for screening, assessment/diagnostics and treatment.

The CAPS® Professional lets you obtain essential information about your patient's balance system, neuromuscular control and physical performance that has never before been available to you.

The CAPS® Professional allows you to easily document diagnostic testing, treatment progress and outcomes using a large variety of metrics that are applicable not only to balance disorders but also to a large number of neurological and neuromuscular pathologies.

With the CAPS® Professional you can observe and evaluate in "real time" the effects of the treatments you provide.


Sport Applications

In addition to being an exceptional clinical tool, the CAPS® Professional has many applications in athletics and sports medicine.

The CAPS® Professional allows you to easily identify many different performance limiting factors and their effects on physical performance, then accurately track your patient's therapy progress.

And because the CAPS® Professional is both portable and rugged, you can use it on or off the field.



As with our CAPS® Lite, the CAPS® Professional lets you quickly screen your patients for balance and equilibrium disorders and assess their risk of falling.

But it doesn't stop there!

With the CAPS® Professional force platform you can perform much more advanced testing and assessments.

PLUS, you can provide highly beneficial rehabilitation and therapy services using the same CAPS® equipment you use for screening.




Basic Package

Our basic system for balance screenings and assessments, this package includes not only our patented ScreenTRAK™ screening software, but also our more flexible CAPS® EQ testing software.


Intermediate Package

The package that gives you the greatest possible flexibility, putting you in control of what you get: in addition to the basic package, you get three modules of our advanced testing, rehabilitation and therapy software, BalanceTRAK®. And the choice is all yours, to make it best suited for your practice setting and personal preferences. For example, if you are a physical therapist, you might select the Sit-to-Stand, Limit of Stability and Targeting modules. If you are a chiropractor, you might select the Static Balance, the Limit of Stability and the Targeting modules. If you are into sports medicine, you might select the Limit of Stability, the Targeting and the Power modules. If you are a physician willing to provide fall prevention services to your patients, you might select the Medical history, Evaluation and Intervention, the Limit of Stability and the Sit-to-Stand modules.


Complete Package

This package is geared towards those who want to do everything, from screening to assessment to therapy and rehabilitation. This "ultimate" package includes: