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CAPS® Systems

The CAPS® (Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) is the ultimate posturography tool.

It is the essential tool for any clinician who wants to offer balance disorder/falls-risk screenings, diagnosis and rehabilitation to his/her patient population as well as implement an effective, profitable fall prevention program.

CAPS® Systems


  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Balance Assessment
  • Physical and Sport Performance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Functional Neurology
  • TBI and Concussion Management


The CAPS® combines very user friendly, yet very powerful software applications with exciting new cutting-edge technology: our unique, self-leveling, three-component force platforms that are powered only by the computer via a USB connection. And when used with a laptop computer, the CAPS® becomes a completely portable solution.

In 2013, the International Society for Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR) estabished standards for clinical CoP measurements*: accuracy of 0.1 mm, and precision and resolution of 0.05 mm. Our CAPS® systems have always satisfied these requirements!

* Scoppa F, Capra R, Gallamini M, Shiffer R. "Clinical stabilometry standardization: Basic definitions - acquisition interval - sampling frequency." Gait Posture. 2013;37:290-2.


Comparison with other posturographic systems

Unlike most systems on the market, that do not meet the minimum performance characteristics for clinical posturographic instrumentation recommended by the ISPGR, our systems have always been designed to exceed them.

Since the beginning, based on our research and clinical experience, we realized that posturographic instruments with very high performance characteristics are needed in research and clinical practice to assess the minute changes in balance and postural control caused by non physiological conditions.

Following is an example of how the CAPS® systems compare with other devices:

Device Trueness
NeuroCom [1] 1.2 mm ND
AMTI OR6 [2] 1.1 mm 0.6 mm
Bertec 4060-08 [2] 1.8 mm 1.1 mm
Bertec 4060-10 [2] 1.0 mm 0.6 mm
Kistler 9286A [2] 3.2 mm 1.1 mm
AMTI OR6-6-1000 [3] 1.2 mm 1.1 mm
Nintendo Wii [3] 1.6 mm 1.7 mm
CAPS Lite [4] 0.048 mm 0.044 mm
CAPS Professional [4] 0.049 mm 0.034 mm

[1] NeuroCom Balance Manager Systems - Instructions for Use. Rev. E. Clackamas, OR: Natus Medical Incorporated; 2012. - Value stated as 1% full scale

[2] Cappello A, Bagalà F, Cedraro A, Chiari L. Non-linear re-calibration of force platforms. Gait Posture 2011;33(4):724-6. - Values are after in-situ global recalibration.

[3] Bartlett HL, Ting LH, Bingham JT. Accuracy of force and center of pressure measures of the Wii Balance Board. Gait Posture 2014;39(1):224-8.

[4] Pagnacco G, Carrick FR, Wright CHG, Oggero E. In-situ verification of accuracy, precision and resolution of force and balance platforms. Biomed Sci Instrum 2014;50:171-8.



CAPS® Lite: a complete solution designed for ultimate portability, usability, compactness and low cost, the CAPS® Lite is our entry-level computerized posturography balance and fall risk assessment line of products.

CAPS® Professional: our top of the line computerized posturography balance and fall risk assessment and treatment products. The CAPS® Professional is not just a posturography product: it is also an extremely advanced physical performance testing and rehabilitation tool that can be used for a variety of sport and other applications besides assessing balance and dizziness, and for fall prevention.